latest install DVD

Quartz quartz at
Thu Jun 25 22:46:59 UTC 2015

> A friend asks if the latest fbsd installation DVD will
> also install multiple Destops (like Gnome, Mate, lxde, ...etc)
> for him to try out, along with the gui apps like
> thunderbird, firefox, smplayer , .... etc.

Not really. Assuming I'm reading the package manifests correctly, 
dvd1.iso appears to have gnome (and its children, like evolution), kde 
(and its children), firefox, and webkit. The dvd is only 2.5gb and 
mainly comes with a whole bunch of libraries/languages/utilities, rather 
than full programs.

I'd suggest he look at PC-BSD instead; it's a distribution of freebsd 
meant for desktops and workstations and includes a lot more of that 
stuff by default.

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