freebsd-update from 8.4 to 9.3 causes gmirror to disappear -- HELP!

wfdudley wfdudley at
Thu Jun 25 18:11:03 UTC 2015

I've been running 8.4 STABLE for a while, but decided to try to use
freebsd-update to move to 9.3
I have a pair of 2TB drives in a gmirror.  Works fine.

I used svn to pull the 8.4 RELEASE source, and built myself an 8.4 RELEASE

Then, I followed the instructions here:

And after the first reboot in to the 9.3 kernel, my gmirror is GONE.
This is ALL MY DATA, and the freebsd-update database

After discovering that the mirror was GONE, I did this:

sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=17
gmirror label -vb round-robin gm0 /dev/ad14

Which is how I configured the mirror initially (from this

I'm afraid to do anything more.  I'm rebuilding 8.4 RELEASE and am going to
try to boot
into that to see if that works, but then I guess I can't use freebsd-update
because it
causes my mirror to disappear.

What's wrong?

How can i get my mirror back?

Bill Dudley
wfdudley at

P.S. the "subscribe to the mailing list" feature of this web forum appears
broken, in
that it doesn't cause an email to be sent to me inviting me to confirm my

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