[OT] hopefully easy question

William A. Mahaffey III wam at hiwaay.net
Tue Jun 23 14:58:42 UTC 2015

I am looking on Ebay for a battery for an older laptop I have. I used 
the following search, assembled in their search bar:


This turned up a bunch of chargers 1st, which I don't want. Is there a 
way to add a 'negate' to the search string ? I tried adding 
'+(!charger)' to the URL text-string & got *only* chargers. FWIW, I am 
doing this under FBSD 9.3R, XFCE desktop, firefox, all FreeBSD, just to 
make it peripherially on topic :-) .... TIA for any (quick, don't bang 
any heads on walls over this) clues.


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
                            -- Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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