Current state of firewire support?

Quartz quartz at
Mon Jun 22 21:28:06 UTC 2015

>> crack it out of the case and wire it directly into a sata/ide port, or
>> mount it in a usb caddy?

If it was my personal drive, sure... other people don't tend to like it 
when you hack apart their stuff though :/

>       Oh, nonsense.  Quartz just read it wrong.

That is perfectly possible. I haven't messed with firewire for a while 
and wasn't familiar with what freebsd used to offer, so I'm confused 
about what was changed.

>Firewire support works
> fine.  Support for firewire was only removed from the GENERIC kernel
> configuration file, so all he needs to do is put those lines into his
> kernel configuration file and rebuild his kernel.

> Also nonsense all he needs to do is
> kldload /boot/kernel/firewire.ko
> or
> echo 'firewire_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf
> and reboot

Ok awesome, so I can add a line to loader.conf or if for some weird 
reason that fails just recompile the kernel?

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