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On 19/06/2015 18:41, Da Rock wrote:
> Ok, top posting as a summary really - numerous threads of thought 
> going on now.
> First, that ggatel and mountver workaround - how does zfs take that? 
> Is it possible zfs will have a dummy spit if this is between it 
> writing to the drive? I'd assume not given it can use a md device as a 
> vnode, but doesn't hurt to ask.
> Second, I've tried another drive and still the same issue; 
> also.swapped cable, and still errors. So a controller test would be 
> ideal - or a new system is in order :)
> Third, that consumer/raid drive difference seems a bit dodgy doesn't 
> it? :) Appears they're basically forcing you to pay up for the 
> privilege... wouldn't surprise me! Regardless, though, how does that 
> stack up in an ordinary situation? I doubt you'd have a raid certified 
> drive in a desktop to play games or edit home movies, and in that 
> scenario it would spak out as the only drive in the system and 
> probably crash, wouldn't it? Or am I not thinking it through properly? 
> Possible given the amount of sleep I've had lately...
> Thanks for the brainstorming help guys.
Something to add to this conundrum - pity it couldn't tell me this 

cam_periph_alloc: attempt to re-allocate valid device pass1 rejected 
flags 0x18 refcount 1
passasync: Unable to attach new device due to status 0x6: CCB request 
was invalid

Searching these terms (last one I see a lot with umass myself) it seems 
this is quite common for most, so why is this mostly ignored? Or so it 

I also can't seem to grasp the precise meaning of the particular errors 
- the flags and error codes that is.

This appears to be more than a zfs spit either as you can see - this 
affecting smartd as well, and seems to be low level. FWIW there is no 
noticeable difference in firmware either.
> On 06/18/15 05:24, Michael Powell wrote:
>> Da Rock wrote:
>>> I hate jumping in like this out of the blue, but time is not on my side
>>> atm with a lot going on.
>>> I have a problem with some devices disappearing on various versions of
>>> FreeBSD and machines (laptops, workstations/servers). Umass are the
>>> norm, with the message occurring most on usb sticks and sd cards.
>>> Big problem atm is that my file server has a failed disk in the raid,
>>> and I've tried replacing it with a new drive (twice now), and both 
>>> times
>>> it begins to resilver and then it is "REMOVED". If I online it 
>>> again, it
>>> goes for about 10mins then REMOVED again.
>>> Dmesg shows that the device is removed from the devfs with a
>>> passdevgonecb/lost device message. This apparently occurs right at boot
>>> too, as it shows amongst the usual scrolling during boot.
>>> I had a chat with someone and they mentioned the cable and/or 
>>> controller
>>> could be the issue. Could anyone add any insight or tests I could do?
>>> I'm not exactly claim to be an expert at zfs, so maybe something might
>>> need addressing there too.
>>> I'd particularly appreciate a means of testing the controller.
>>> ATM the main theory is to replace the board - not a happy thought! :/
>> Another item to consider, even if only to exclude it, is: what kind of
>> drives are these? Are they server RAID certified or are they 'consumer'
>> desktop types. RAID certified are designed to time-limit attempts at 
>> error
>> recovery. There is a window in time that if a consumer drive takes 
>> too long
>> at internal ECC the controller will drop it. Doubt this is your case, 
>> I bet
>> you have server drives. I just mention it because using consumer desktop
>> drives on RAID controllers can sometimes be problematic.
>> -Mike
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