X11 ports all of a sudden want to be installed

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 16:10:17 UTC 2015

Rick Summerhill writes:

> Can someone explain what has changed?  Thanks,

I would guess the default options for a package have changed to include
X11 support, though that really is just a guess. You can use the
following strings to see if the X11 option is set for any root-level
packages installed on the system, and get a list of all root-level
packages, respectively:

$ pkg query -e '%#r = 0' %Ok | grep X11
$ pkg query -e '%#r = 0' %o

See pkg-query(8) for more information on that. I'm still a bit new to it
myself, hence my admittedly weak suggestions. In the long run though, the
only way to ensure that certain classes of software *never* get
installed is to build directly from ports, or use ports-mgmt/poudriere
to build your own packages.

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