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On 06/18/15 09:50, John Duffy wrote:
> Hi
> I'm developing some numerical software on OS X to be uploaded to a FreeBSD server. I'm striving for maximum commonality between development environments, so I'm trying to find a CLAPACK package/port (as supplied with OS X) for FreeBSD but I can't seem to find one. I've installed the LAPACK, BLAS and CBLAS packages but these don't include CLAPACK. Does a CLAPACK port/package exist, or do I need to do a manual installation for the source?
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> John Duffy
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on 9.3R there is lapack++:

lapack++-2.5.4                 Linear Algebra PACKage in C++, a wrapper 

Obviously C++, not C. I have it installed, but haven't done anything 
with it. I have installed various CLAPACK's in the past under linux, it 
was pretty easy, since the code is pretty simple. YMMV & all that rot ....


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