Spontaneous Reboot?

Eduardo Lemos de Sa eduardo.lemosdesa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 16:42:21 UTC 2015

Dear Chris

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Chris Maness <chris at chrismaness.com>

>> Please, your reboots did happen after a complete and successful boot
>> process or during the boot process? here, I am having problems with
>> 10.1-stable upgrade in amd64 plataforms: source files compiled nicely,
>> kernel (GENERIC) does the same, but I have panic in the next booting
>> process.
>> Cheers
>> Eduardo
> During boot time, just after the USB scripts run.  I am also running AMD,
> but nothing had been changed since March.  I even reinstalled fresh with a
> new hard drive using the same USB Install that I had used several months
> ago with no problem.  I am thinking hardware.
> Thanks,
> Chris Maness

I solved my problem migrating from Stable to Release, both 10.1. I am
pretty sure that my problem is software because, in the same problematic
machine, when I boot using the old kernel, everything goes fine. I tried 3
or 4 times to install STABLE10.1 and no success was got. If you allow me a
sugestion, I will give a try changing your version for RELEASE version.

My best wishes


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