Spontaneous Reboot?

Chris Maness chris at chrismaness.com
Mon Jun 15 01:22:46 UTC 2015

I have had my new little mini server running for about 6 months.  Without
any changes, the thing just starts spontaneously right after rebooting and
running the USB script on bootup (I think it actually fails on something
after than, but my eyeballs are not quick enough to catch it).  I use my
USB installer, and the computer runs fine however, I don't see the first
hard drive.  I turn it off, and let it rest long enough to run to Best
Buy.  Boot back up with my USB installer, and there is my hard drive.  I
run a quick dump as I have not backed up this month after doing a
fsck_ufs.  Reboot, and it starts spontaneously rebooting again.  Put the
new hard drive in, and do a fresh install, and it starts the same cycle
over and over.  I think the SATA controller is flaking on the mobo because
I have ruled out hard drive issues and software issues by running a fresh
install.  Boo Fry's electronics for wanting to charge me $79 to find a
hardware issue that I am next to certain I have.

I guess the only option is to try to contact MSI about a warranty.  Fry's
is not standing behind it, as they want me to deal with the manufacturer

Any advice?

Chris Maness

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