Softlayer VPS: Loading FreeBSD

Marc Fournier scrappy at
Thu Jun 11 23:00:37 UTC 2015

Marc G Fournier
Owner, Hub.Org <> Hosting Solutions S.A.

> On Jun 11, 2015, at 15:27, Carsten Heesch <ch at> wrote:
>> That gave us IPMI access for the Bare Metal server we put in place,
>> but no KVM access for VPS … for VPS, I need to create an ISO of my
>> install, upload that and then they effectively ‘dd’ it to the VPS,
>> which is cool, but I need to figure out how to create an image based
>> on a VirtualBox build on a Mac OS X system :)
> If they really just "dd" it, then a RAW image of your Virtualbox
> instance should work, shouldn't it?

I knew when I typed this that I shouldn’t have .. :)   I don’t know what they do exactly, getting info out of htem is like pulling teeth … so far, I’m not even sure what I should be setting for ethernet configuration, although I’m suspecting “DHCP”, else I’d have to load a new ISO for each VPS I’m setting up …

> Choose QCOW as the disk format in VirtualBox, and then use "qemu-img
> convert" to make a raw image.

I have several FreeBSD boxes, so if there is a method of converting from “XYZ -> ISO” using FreeBSD, that is cool too … I can make / configure the image on my desktop, upload to my server and do the conversion there …

I can use qemu-img to pretty much convert to any format (except ISO) … but how do I get to that final step?

Thinking this through … ppl make livecd’s, so this is obviously possible … does it make sense that that is all I need to do?   Although I’ve never done it, mind you, but if I were to upload a regular liveCD, and they installed / booted that, that should be it … or am I overlookign something?

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