Softlayer VPS: Loading FreeBSD

Marc Fournier scrappy at
Thu Jun 11 20:12:16 UTC 2015

I need to load FreeBSD 10.x onto VPSs over at Softlayer, and, since its “not supported” by them, its like banging head against a wall …

The easiest, I think, would be to create a image in VirtualBox, and then I need to someone translate from VirtualBox -> ISO so that I can upload it to them to have it loaded … what is eluding me is how to convert from VirtualBox -> ISO …  there is no “export ISO” option …

has anyone had any experience with Softlayer and loading a FreeBSD VPS there?   And, if not, can someone suggest a good tool that will allow me to create an ISO from a VirtualBox build?   Or, if this makes any sense, of building an ISO from a running FreeBSD system, irrelevant of VirtualBox?

Thx …

Marc G Fournier
Owner, Hub.Org <> Hosting Solutions S.A.

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