swift under freebsd?

Ardie H. Hwang iam at ardiefox.me
Thu Jun 11 09:39:07 UTC 2015

One can use devel/gnustep port if needed; not 100% compatible with latest Cocoa framework, but is quite mature AFAIK.

Also notable: http://cocotron.org/

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> On Jun 11, 2015, at 18:33, andrew clarke <mail at ozzmosis.com> wrote:
> On Tue 2015-06-09 21:38:27 UTC+1000, andrew clarke (mail at ozzmosis.com) wrote:
>>> hi, in case someone missed it, there's been an announcement that apple's 
>>> swift will be open sourced soon.
>>> they are going pretty much full-out, even the libraries are going to get 
>>> open sourced along with the compiler.
>>> in that case, would freebsd import support for swift within the base 
>>> system in the near future?
>> I think it would only end up in the FreeBSD base system if a
>> particular program in base required it. However the general trend over
>> the years has been to remove dependencies from base (Perl, Ruby)
>> rather than add more.
>> ObjC support is in base more by coincidence, because clang is required
>> to build the base system in FreeBSD 10.0 and newer, and clang includes
>> ObjC support. clang will never build Swift apps, though.
> Actually on further investigation, while Clang might support the ObjC
> syntax, none of the ObjC libraries are available in FreeBSD base.
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