Squid 3.5.5 Port Update, with SSL

Matt Smith fbsd at xtaz.co.uk
Wed Jun 10 20:55:35 UTC 2015

On Jun 10 15:23, dweimer wrote:
>well this is odd, I have only two options with SSL these have both been 
>available for some time:
> [x] SSL             SSL gatewaying support
> [ ] SSL_CRTD        Use ssl_crtd to handle SSL cert requests
>It ends with Kerbose authentication options on the make config, no 
>option about using OpenSSL

Oops my bad. It was actually the ffmpeg port that gave me that error 
about SSL where I had to run make config and select one. I upgraded that 
at the same time as squid so I mixed the two up. So in that case I don't 
know what the issue could be I'm afraid.


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