FreeBSD and Docker

Maxim V Filimonov che at
Wed Jun 10 19:37:30 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 10 June 2015 16:52:44 Polytropon wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Jun 2015 07:29:09 -0700, Jason Cox wrote:
> > What are you doing wrong? You are trying to run docker on FreeBSD. Docker
> > is a containerization technology built for Linux. It uses LXC (which is
> > Linux Containers) for older Kernels or docker specific bits which are now
> > part of the modern Linux kernel 3.10+.
> It requires too many Linuxisms which aren't part of FreeBSD's
> Linux ABI, so expecting Docker to work on FreeBSD is somehow
> wrong.

Some guy tried to port Docker on FreeBSD, and even got it working IIRC.

> Oh, and doing things like
> 	# wget | sudo bash
> is definitely _not_ the way you want to install software on FreeBSD.
> It rather seems to be a new Linuxism that has emerged during the
> recent years. :-)

That's not a Linuxism; in fact, that's a "hipsterism". But that's another 

wbr, Maxim Filimonov <che at>

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