Can you tell me something about you development host?

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Thu Jun 4 19:46:58 UTC 2015

Matías Perret Cantoni writes:

> Hello everyone! I've been playing around with FreeBSD for about a year
> now and I'd like to set a "better" development environment. Right now
> I'm running FreeBSD on VirtualBox on top of Linux Mint.
> I use Linux Mint because I need a GUI for web browsing and some rich
> text editing. And I use FreeBSD for building images for ARM boards,
> and some driver development.
> But this configuration is sometimes a little uncomfortable. Specially for
> flashing SD cards, and file exchange between both hosts (Linux and
> FreeBSD)
> So, what can you tell me about you development station?
> What's your setup?
> Can you make me any recommendation?
> I also wonder how do you manage your emails, specially the ones from
> this mailing list. Do you use some text based tool? Or just a GUI one?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards, Matias.-
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These are very general questions that basically warrant three answers:

1) Most (all?) of the software most commonly used by Linux users is
   available on FreeBSD.
2) Any particular setup one person has certainly won't be the particular
   sort of setup you want.
3) It's just a fact of software tools (especially in the FOSS world) that
   you can't really know what you want until you've tried several options.
3a) Asking such general questions is just going to result in people
    rattling off a long list of every available option, leaving you know
    closer to a satisfactory answer.

The one thing you definitely won't get on FreeBSD is Cinnamon. Other
than that, most graphical environments available on Linux are available
on FreeBSD. The transition from Linux to FreeBSD is almost certainly
going to be easier if you're used to a more minimal environment, and one
consisting of more widely used tools, as there's so much less that can
go wrong in the transition (your dwm or Emacs or whatever configuration
will be the same either way, for example).

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