Can you tell me something about you development host?

Sean DuBois sean at
Thu Jun 4 15:54:04 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jun 04, 2015 at 12:22:41PM -0300, Matías Perret Cantoni wrote:
> Hello everyone! I've been playing around with FreeBSD for about a year
> now and I'd like to set a "better" development environment. Right now
> I'm running FreeBSD on VirtualBox on top of Linux Mint.
> I use Linux Mint because I need a GUI for web browsing and some rich
> text editing. And I use FreeBSD for building images for ARM boards,
> and some driver development.
> But this configuration is sometimes a little uncomfortable. Specially for
> flashing SD cards, and file exchange between both hosts (Linux and
> FreeBSD)
> So, what can you tell me about you development station?
> What's your setup?
> Can you make me any recommendation?
> I also wonder how do you manage your emails, specially the ones from
> this mailing list. Do you use some text based tool? Or just a GUI one?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards, Matias.-

I use FreeBSD as my day to day desktop, and it works great for me!
On a T410 I use

* dwm    - window manager
* vim    - text editor
* chrome - web browser
* mpd    - music
* mpv    - video

Most of the time I find myself using ssh into remote hosts, or
temporary vagrant instances on my FreeBSD host since I am doing
environment specific work.

FreeBSD has Libreoffice and Chrome/FireFox or is there a specific
program you like to use?

My only complaint about FreeBSD laptop right now is the lack of a network manager.
I know there is the PCBSD one, but I don't want to pull in a bunch of
stuff that I have to worry about keeping up to date. I really would like something
like wicd-cli, I should just write it myself.

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