easy to use WYSIWIG editor for VT102

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Mon Jun 1 12:56:04 UTC 2015

On Mon, 1 Jun 2015 08:34:18 +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> I installed misc/mc-light and run it as 
> $ TERM=vt102 export TERM
> $ unset TERMCAP
> $ mcedit ESER.txt
> I was suprised that it offers in the last line of the screen this:
> 1Help   2Save   3Mark   4Replac 5Copy   6Move   7Search 8Delete 9PullDn 10Quit
> (the numbers are black on white, the words are presented inverse)

Why surprised? Remember the Norton Commander, and also
have a look at the MC's (default) file management view.
The function keys are being _used_ in a consistent manner.

> surprised, because the VT102 has no function keys F1...F10. But I
> figured out that ESC-1 ... ESC-0 do the same job. 

Yes, that will work. I had the same experience on the
VT-101. You can also invoke the Meta-<something> keys
using ESC, for example Meta-? = Esc ? to open the file
search dialog.

> It's a bit a pitty, that it can not switched to German.

It can be switched to German - at least the "non-lite
version" has support for many languages (which I have

 1Hilfe  2Spe~rn 3Mar~en 4Ers~en 5Kop~en 6Ver~en 7Suchen 8Lös~en 9Menüs 10Bee~e

Sadly the translated words are too long, and the "shortening"
is quite suboptimal. It would be much better this way (same
width for each entry):

 1Hilfe  2Speich 3Mark   4Ersetz 5Kopier 6Versch 7Suchen 8Lösch  9Menüs 10Beend

In a terminal window wider than 80 characters the full text
will be visible.

 1Hilfe       2Speichern   3Markieren   4Ersetzen    5Kopieren     6Verschieben 7Suchen      8Löschen     9Menüs       10Beenden

Try the following (bash syntax):

	$ LC_ALL=de_DE.ISO8859-1 /usr/local/bin/mcedit -da

The interface should appear in German, but the "lite version"
is probably limited in this regards. Maybe a separate language
package could be provided for the "lite version"? Or you just
install the "non-lite version" and give that a try...

And now: "Datei umbewegen"! ;-)

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