freebsd-update + custom kernel

Simon simon at
Fri Jul 31 17:41:14 UTC 2015


Does anyone use freebsd-update with custom kernel?

It appears that:
a) on FreeBSD 8.x the freebsd-update process will not update /boot/kernel
unless it's GENERIC, however
b) on FreeBSD 10.x the freebsd-update process will update /boot/kernel even if
it's custom to GENERIC

I have tested both scenarios (hopefully correctly). My question is

1) why does freebsd-update update custom kernel in /boot/kernel on FreeBSD
10.x, is this by design? (it does give a warning that it will *not* update it because
it's custom)

2) why doesn't freebsd-update provide an option to update /usr/src with
GENERIC kernel on first freebsd-update install, allowing for custom kernel to be
installed, if desired, from updated /usr/src before first reboot is made to load new
kernel? (instead it will update /usr/src with world on second call to install) This
means that in order to install a custom kernel, you would have to use something
like svn to update /usr/src manually, install custom kernel, reboot into new kernel,
then run freebsd-update install) At the moment, I don't see a reason why an option
could not be provided to update /usr/src with kernel. From the freebsd-update
source, it seems very trivial to add, unless I'm overlooking something.

Thanks in advance!


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