Virtualization on FreeBSD

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at
Thu Jul 30 12:08:13 UTC 2015

Agreed.  I just recently (earlier this week) installed VBox on 2 
machines, it works just fine. *shrug*

However, moving on, have you looked at jails?

I have over 20 jails running on a single 6 core CPU machine and 
everything is smooth and nice. :-)


On 07/30/2015 06:57, Warren Block wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Jul 2015, Kyle wrote:
>> I've recently installed FreeBSD on my home server to replace my linux 
>> install after getting frustrated with some of the newer software.
>> I'll prefix this question by saying I really like FreeBSD much better 
>> so far, except for the following.
>> One thing I really liked about my previous system was KVM, Linux's 
>> kernel-supported virtualization. It always worked really well.
>> I've been trying VirtualBox, QEMU, and bhyve with FreeBSD as a host, 
>> but none of them seem to work anywhere near as well as the KVM on Linux.
>> VirtualBox seemed to have issues with the networking.
> In what way?  It has worked pretty well for me.  I generally use NAT 
> unless PXE-booting a VM, then use bridged networking.  The PCnet-PCI 
> II (Am79C970A) works for either, the Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop 
> (82540EM) also works well but I think I added the adapter PXE code 
> because it was not included.  There are instructions for this 
> somewhere, but it's not really needed because the first adapter can be 
> used.
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