Virtualization on FreeBSD

Kyle knusbaum at
Thu Jul 30 06:52:12 UTC 2015

I've recently installed FreeBSD on my home server to replace my linux 
install after getting frustrated with some of the newer software.

I'll prefix this question by saying I really like FreeBSD much better so 
far, except for the following.

One thing I really liked about my previous system was KVM, Linux's 
kernel-supported virtualization. It always worked really well.

I've been trying VirtualBox, QEMU, and bhyve with FreeBSD as a host, but 
none of them seem to work anywhere near as well as the KVM on Linux.

VirtualBox seemed to have issues with the networking.
I couldn't get KQEMU to work (it always gave me 'kqemu support: disabled' 
in the kqemu console), and QEMU was too slow without it.
bhyve looks good, but it seems from what I've read that it only supports 
FreeBSD and grub-bootable VMs.

Is there anyone who has had better success than me at using FreeBSD as a 
host for virtualization?


knusbaum at
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