jail network configuration

Terje Elde terje at elde.net
Tue Jul 28 17:49:15 UTC 2015

On 28. juli 2015, at 18:27, Per olof Ljungmark <peo at intersonic.se> wrote:

> Is the following scenario possible (same network number):
> Host IP x.y.z.1/24 on physical port 1
> Host IP x.y.z.2/32 on physical port 2
> Jail IP x.y.z.3/32 on physical port 2

Like Eichorn said, it's possible to configure things like that, but there might be some surprising results with regards to routing, and traffic flowing from your host.

Whenever I see a question like this though, I wonder what you're actually trying to do. If you don't mind, it'd be interesting to hear about which problem you're trying to solve by configuring it like this. There's a good chance there could be a better way to solve things. 

If it's about load-balancing for example, then (dependig on switch etc), it could be a better idea to make a bundle out of the two interfaces, sharing their bandwidth. 


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