FreeBSD Forum access problem (was Re: Endless Data Loss)

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Sat Jul 25 13:51:28 UTC 2015

On Fri, 24 Jul 2015 23:02:59 -1000, parv at wrote:
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> wrote CK thusly...
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> > FreeBSD forums blocks my access, possibly because I don't have a
> > high-speed connection, so I can't read the material there.
> ...
> Most likely you have problems with SSL or security certificates. I
> cannot access the forum via Opera 12.16 but have no problem with
> Firefox 39.

I've tried back and forth with Opera (version 11.50/1074 here).
>From "about:config" with the search terms "tls" and "ssl" and
through Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Security... I just
keep getting this "helpful" message:


	Could not connect to remote server
	Check that the address is spelled correctly,
	or try searching for the site.

Do I have to manually install some certificates, manually add
a CA, or maybe disable one? Is there a known combination of
settings that will work?

	Certificate revocation lists for ssl
	Crypto Method Overrides
	Enable SSL v3
	Enable TLS v1.0
	Enable TLS v1.1
	Enable TLS v1.2
	Minimum Security Level
	OCSP Validate Certificates
	Strict EV Mode

I think those are the relevant settings. But how to actually
set them so the FreeBSD forum will be pleased? :-)

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