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Sat Jul 25 13:23:04 UTC 2015

On Fri, 24 Jul 2015 23:43:55 -0800, CK wrote:
> I just posted about data loss, and got 3 spam emails from China
> instantly.  And when I posted 2 months ago or so, I got the same
> spam emails from China.  How is China finding out email addresses
> of everyone that posts to freebsd-questions, and can the SPAM be
> stopped?

As it has been mentioned several times already, those messages
are auto-reply messages. The originator probably has subscribed
to the list, or maybe is incorporating the addresses from the
web mirror(s) of the list.

Note that this is a _public_ list, and the automated replies are
being received offlist.

The easiest way to deal with them is either manually deleting
them, or writing a simple delete rule in your MUA or MDA (so
you don't even receive them). Of course you could also try to
write a polite note to the originator, but... you'll probably
only get another auto-reply. :-)

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