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You might want to know why some job boards are successful and why a lot of 
them struggles to gain traction. In this email, we'll try to cover some 
hit-tactics that made job boards shoot up their revenues. Find them below:

1 A mobile-optimized website is a must today for job seekers, seeing 64% 
applying for jobs via mobile.

2 An efficient job matching technology at the core is what all employers 
seek. Give it to them.

3 A strong job distribution network to reach maximum potential candidates. 
More to choose from.

4 A cost-effective pricing that fits every model; individual listing, 
subscription, or category-based pricing.

5 And the last but the most effective, get specific and targeted. Discover 
your niche.

Do you agree, with all the above? Will it make any difference in, how you run 
your job board? Would love to hear. Please hit reply and let your suggestions 
amuse us. Looking Forward.

​ Regards Lovepreet Dhaliwal - Business Relations - RChilli    

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