[ OT ] recommendations for a domain_name registrar

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Tue Jul 21 13:34:20 UTC 2015

On 7/21/15 6:20 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 07/21/15 10:48, Jerry wrote:
>> Matthew recommended a French company. That is fine
>> as long as they either offer support in English, or you speak French.
> They've always produced a good standard of English in my dealings with
> them -- most over e-mail though.
French company?  Not really quite so simple anymore.  Gandi was 
certainly founded in France and is still headquartered there.  For some 
years, however, they have had US facilities (offices in San Francisco, 
one of their 3 primary data centers is in Baltimore, and I'm not sure if 
anything else). Even before that growth, and I've been with them since 
2001 which is pretty close to when they started selling domain services, 
I've never had communications issues in English that I can recall.  As a 
matter of fact, I was a bit disappointed when I was switched over to a 
US based contract, as I'd signed with Gandi in part to be less subject 
to what were rather trigger happy US courts back in the day.

Officially, Gandi will support you in French, English, Spanish, and 
Chinese.  I've only ever tested English.   :-)

If you really desire phone support, they may not be for you.   They very 
strongly push you in the direction of using their online ticketing which 
is integrated with email for follow-up.  I've found them very responsive 
and personally prefer their system over the option of waiting on hold to 
get to 2nd tier support or higher. (I've rarely ever had any use for 
first tier support at the competition, as I, sadly, generally understand 
the technology *and* their employer's technical limitations better than 
the folks who answer the phones.  My recent go arounds and arounds and 
arounds with staff at Network Solutions over DNSSEC support for a domain 
that I handle the technical bits for as a courtesy to a non-profit are a 
case in point.  Eventually I muttered, "How the mighty have fallen," and 
lodged a complaint with the registry that NS shouldn't be listed as 
supporting DNSSEC. )

Bottom line:  All my domains I really care about are at Gandi.  I use 
somebody slightly cheaper to park the domains that I'm ambivalent about.

--Jon Radel
jon at radel.com

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