freebsd v10.1 usb dwc-otg controller question

liangshengjun liangshengjun at
Wed Jul 15 03:26:59 UTC 2015

Hi ,

Now I am porting the dwc-otg driver (FreeBSD v10.1) for X_ platform ,which PHY version is "3.00a 10-AUG-2012" of Synopsys.
And the dwc-otg controller is config default as device mode, but some interrupt event is not trigger when connect to host port(PC) .
So I distrusted whether freebsd dwc-otg driver is supported for older older version of synopsys controller?

please help to check follow case:

1.       which version of synopsys is FreeBSD_v10.1 dwc driver designed for?

2.       whether the FreeBSD_v10.1 dwc driver supports the dwc driver version "3.00a 10-AUG-2012" controller?

3.       If unsupported , any suggestion for how to improve FreeBSD_v10.1 dwc driver to workwith version "3.00a 10-AUG-2012" controller?

Looking forward to your response, thank you.

Best Wishes
Shengjun Liang

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