Snowden, NSA spying, hard drive malware ... what we need is a UN privacy watchdog!

jd1008 jd1008 at
Tue Jul 14 22:48:22 UTC 2015

Mr. Lowell,
It is YOU who is utterly RUDE!!!
You should unsubscribe, or someone should unsubscribe you and ban you 
from the list.
Hard Drive Malware is infecting all OS'es, and it is of UTMOST
importance, not only to FBSD users/developers, but ALL OS'es
and their users.

On 07/14/2015 04:42 PM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Spamming is rude.
> Please stop.
> If you want to discuss this stuff with FreeBSD users, try the -chat list.

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