Naming a locally-built version of a package

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Tue Jul 14 16:05:21 UTC 2015

Wim Lewis writes:

> Is there a particular recommended practice for naming a locally-built
> package that is built with a local patch, or different configure
> options, etc., so that it works well with the rest of the package
> system, particularly dependencies and things?
> Ideally: let's say I'm building a custom version of Foo-1.3. I'd like to name it such that:
>    - Existing packages that require Foo will be satisfied by my patched Foo
>    - Local packages which require my patched Foo can specify a dependency on it
> Less important but nice:
>    - pkg audit will still recognize my Foo as Foo and inform me of things I should know
>    - The system won't suggest to "upgrade" my Foo to a non-patched Foo of a later version 
> Is this (or a subset) possible with pkgng?

If you're just build a small number of packages (maybe 5 or fewer), use
`pkg lock`. If you're build lots of custom packages, set up a personal
package repository. pkg(8) is capable of distinguishing between
different builds of a package via a) origin, and b) custom build-time
options--no need to change the name.

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