Howto create password hash for Windows server 2012 with freeBSD/Samba

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Jul 14 10:35:02 UTC 2015


A CURRENT box is to mount a share from a windows server 2012r2 machine using

Setting up the SHAREs on Windows 2012 side and connecting to those shares via
FreeBSD's mount_smbfs(8) manually went smoothly.

But when it comes to automated mounting a Windows 2012 share via automounter
(autofs) I fail. Autofs is setup using mount_smbfs with the "-N" option.
regarding the documentation /etc/nsmb.conf is looked up for an appropriate
setup and password=XXXXX field. Cleartext passwords do not work with M$ server
2012r2. Now I'm looking for a way to generate a "Hash" to put it
into /etc/nsmb.conf.

Some websites tell the hash is NT MD4 hash. generating a md4 hash with
FreeBSD's onboard-tools is not possible, as far as i can see. crypt(3) uses the
ability to generate a NT hash depending on the mode set for using the
appropriate hash algorithm, but I can not see how I could use/misuse passwd or
any related onboard tool to emmit a NT hash.

Please CC me via email (not subscribing the list) and help and suggestions are
highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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