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Fri Jul 10 02:06:36 UTC 2015

On Thu, 09 Jul 2015 21:55:04 -0400, Quartz wrote:
> >>> 2) How do I get freebsd-update to install only specific patches or
> >>> updates instead of everything?
> >
> > Given the integration of base system packages & kernel, I don't think
> > you would want to do this. This actually sounds kinda .... dare I say it
> > (?) .... *linuxy* .... ick
> The main rationale here is that updates can occasionally cause behavior 
> changes which can negatively interact with 3rd party software.

This is correct, but so can selectively applying updates...

While updates to the operating system are usually tested
before they are released, there _might_ be side effects on
software which will show up due to an update of the OS.
This is not very common, but possible. That's why it's
important to also update /usr/src so you can read the UPDATING
file which usually covers potential problems.

> If we're 
> trying to test new patches for compatibility issues or we're seeing a 
> bug that seems dependent on patch level, it's kind of a requirement to 
> be able to step though the updates one by one.

In this case, you need to be able to observe a difference
between a problem caused by a particular update and a
problem caused by an incomplete update. The key is to
understand the order and the interconnections of updates
involved in a freebsd-update step.

But in general your idea and approach is correct. It's just
the question if freebsd-update is the right tool to solve
this problem, or if working with source patches is more
efficient here. This of course depends on your requirements
and workflow.

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