Gmirror/graid or hardware raid?

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Thu Jul 9 23:51:52 UTC 2015

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WOW! I just got home and I saw so much info that my brain was shaken
(but not stirred ;)! ).

Being a ufs-only guy for as long as I can remember, and only used
gmirror, I really have to dig in the ZFS terminology to better
understand what you guys are talking about.

And all this conversation goes to show that I don't know as much about
RAID as I thought I did.

All these mails went straight to my personal list KB.

Once again, thanks to all for sharing your experiences and hopefully,
soon enough, I'll be able to contribute with some of mine to keep the
discussion going. The more endless this topic becomes, the better!

Best wishes to everyone and excuse me while I hit the books.

Mario Lobo
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