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Wed Jul 8 00:47:35 UTC 2015

Quartz writes:

> Have a couple odd situations I need to work around. I'm wondering if 
> anyone can help me answer the following questions about updating:
> 1) How do I get a list of available updates for a system WITHOUT 
> actually downloading anything or writing any files to disk?
> 2) How do I get freebsd-update to install only specific patches or 
> updates instead of everything?
> 3) How do I (or even can I) manually download patches onto a usb drive 
> and then install them onto a machine that has no internet connection?
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I honestly don't know much about freebsd-update, but near as I can tell
it's more a convenience than a fully formed system administration
tool. The best way to get more fine-grained control over system updates
is to build the base system from source, which leaves you with dozens of
options for how to manage updates and which components to
include. Control and immediate convenience rarely go together.

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