Best console hardware monitor pkg?

Quartz quartz at
Sat Jul 4 15:12:59 UTC 2015

> With modern CPUs there is usually an on-die thermal sensor which you can
> interrogate by loading a kernel module: see coretemp(4) and amdtemp(4)
> -- using these will let you read out CPU temperature using sysctl(1).

Yeah the sysctl trick is a good tip, I use that a lot. I wish it could 
read all the other stuff though.

> Unfortunately access to other monitoring variables is less consistent.

That's kinda what I've noticed. We have a mixture of Nagios and other 
stuff we use to keep tabs on things and I know there are like half a 
dozen sysutils in the pkg/ports. But I was wondering if, at least for 
basic temp/rpm stuff, things had settled down and coalesced to the point 
where there was one or two "best" choices for something simple where 
setting up a whole suite is unnecessary.


Most of our serious rackmount stuff has IPMI, but there are also a bunch 
of 'prosumer' servers kicking around I'd like to throw a better single 
lightweight util on.

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