Installing FreeBSD 10.1 to a partition.

reg at reg at
Thu Jul 2 03:21:45 UTC 2015

I am trying to do something that would be trivial with
Linux.  Namely install FreeBSD to a partition on the

I have a 500GB disk, with 6 90GB partitions.
I have PCBSD in the first partition, and would like to
put FreeBSD in the 2nd.

Now nothing I have tried will have the FreeBSD installer
ask for a partition.  It wants to either overwrite the
1st partition, or if I remove partitions 2-6, it will 
try to create a partition out of the remainder of the 
disk, and not allow me to reduce the size of that

Am I missing something?
Or is this just he way FreeBSD is? (I hope not)
                                        reg at

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