Is QEMU working/reliable under ....

William A. Mahaffey III wam at
Tue Jan 27 17:02:51 UTC 2015

.... FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p5, qemu-0.11.1_18, kqemu-kmod-1.3.0.p11_12 ? I 
have tried w/ kqemu loaded & unloaded (recommended online), w/ 
-nographic, w/ -vga std, etc. No love. All I want to do is run a WinXP 
32bit VM &/or a 64-bit Win7 VM from my desktop (xfce-4.10_7, xorg-7.7_1, 
xf86-video-vesa-2.3.3_5) :-/ .... Several online sites imply that it 
works OK, 1 specifically w/ FreeBSD 9 no less. Any clues appreciated, 
any more info gladly provided ....


	William A. Mahaffey III


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