425 security bad ip connecting

Matthew Seaman matthew at freebsd.org
Mon Jan 26 16:53:08 UTC 2015

On 01/26/15 16:37, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
> I get the above or '425 Failed to establish connection' recently (today)
> when trying to connect to ftp://ftp.gtlib.gatech.edu to look for *BSD
> ISO's .... 

Looks like some sort of network connectivity problem, probably
temporarily causing packet loss.  What a few hours and try again: with
luch either you'll get a different route through the Tor network
avoiding the problems, or the underlying cause will have been fixed.

> This has worked OK in the past (late last year) .... I am
> using FireFox & tor to try to connect, as I have done for years now
> (actually years w/ firefox, months w/ tor in the mix) ....
> firefox-33.0,1, FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p5, tor- I did a pkg
> upgrade in late Dec.2014, but have used ftp connections through FF since
> then .... Any clues appreciated, any more info gladly provided ....

Why not ftp://ftp.freebsd.org -- which will give you an FTP server close
to your exit point from tor ?

Plus I believe the deal now is that you should be using the 'Tor
browser' -- which is a copy of an older version of Firefox, with patches
and other anonymity stuff already built in, rather than the old method
of applying patches to a regular FF install.



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