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Warren Block wblock at
Mon Jan 19 21:24:56 UTC 2015

On Mon, 19 Jan 2015, Chris Maness wrote:

> On Jan 19, 2015 12:07 PM, "Daniel Corbe" <corbe at> wrote:
>> Chris Maness <chris at> writes:
>>> Also, is the a tool like portsnap for my source tree?  I used svn the
> last
>>> time and downloaded the whole version 10.0 tree.  I think I should be
> able
>>> to apply deltas only for the minor upgrade to 10.1, but google has not
> been
>>> my friend here.  I know that svn has that capability like cvsup did,
> but I
>>> have not been able to figure it out.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chris
>> Once you've fetched the entire tree for the first time, all you need to
>> do is continually run svn fetch in /usr/src to grab any updates or
>> additions.
> I had figured that out, but how do you increment up a minor version?

The version was specified by the path of the initial 'svn checkout'.
Afterwards, any changes to that branch are included when an 'svn update'
is run.

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