Cross-compile and distribute updates

Dima Veselov kab00m at
Mon Jan 19 09:21:59 UTC 2015


I will try once more to ask this question here, because last
time I wasn't clear enough.

FreeBSD documentation and wiki have two different topics:
1. Cross-compiling world.
2. Distributing built world to other hosts.

Both work well, but they can't be combined:
1. cross-compiling want to install directly onto target through
2. distributing sync /usr/src and /usr/obj and rely on same arch
on buildhost and target, because installation use /usr/obj tools.

For now I have successfully built sparc64 world on amd64 platform.
Also, my two sparc64 platforms are in other network.

In NetBSD I can build distribution sets, unpack them into target
and use etcupdate on etc.tgz, but I can't find same technologies
in FreeBSD. What is most nice, reliable and cheap way to
cross-compile world and install it on remote machine?

Sincerely yours

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