new 10.1 install on powerbook G4, no ping response

Bart van Deenen bartmkp at
Sat Jan 17 22:54:27 UTC 2015

Hi all

I've just installed 10.1-RC3-ppc on an old Mac Powerbook G4. All seems
well, but it just won't respond to pings from my lan. I can network just
fine from the powerbook (configured to via dhcp), and I can
even see its arp response from another computer on my lan (via
wireshark). But it just won't respond to pings, and won't allow ssh
connections (sshd is running).
My first thought was a firewall issue, but via bsdconfig, or ps aux|grep
pf I don't see any firewalls running. They shouldn't because I haven't
installed any.
/var/log/messages mentions two network interfaces fwe0 and gem0, and the
mac address associated with the gem0 interface (Apple UniNorth2 GMAC
Ethernet) is the one I see on wireshark. The fwe0 interface is 'ethernet
over firewire', which I don't have. 
On the powerbook I can ssh localhost (or just fine.

Any ideas what I can do next, to enable inbound connections? Did I find
a bug?



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