Looking for some Documentation in fine-tuning kernel variables on Jails

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On 01/13/2015 03:19 PM, Chris Kiakas wrote:
> Hello,
> I a have a system running 8 jails. The jails contain MySQL DBs, Apache and php. On one jail I’m running Redmine and it just started giving me a "stack level too deep” error. I believe that increasing the stack size limit from the current system from 524288 kB to possibly twice the size would resolve the error. I was looking for documentation/how to or possibly a book on tweaking  systems and/or jails.
> If someone could just point me in the proper direction it would be much apreciated.

Various program limits are usually set in login.conf(5) and should take
effect if set in jails as well. If invoking the process interactively,
you may use the ulimit(1) command to set the stack size.

However, it's probably pretty unlikely that redmine is causing ruby to
legitimately use more than 512 megabytes of stack space.

If ruby links to libthr, that will limit the size of the initial
thread's stack to one or two megabytes; tuning this via ulimit or
login.conf will not help, as the initial thread stack size is hardcoded
in the library.

I would suggest you investigate the backtrace that Ruby provides when
SystemStackError is raised, to rule out the possibility of a bug causing
infinite recursion. Then you can look into modifying the library to
increase the default stack size and see if that helps. If so, it may be
further evidence that this should be increased, or at least made tunable.

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