[HALF SOLVED] Is bugzilla down or buggy or is it just me?

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Tue Jan 13 09:07:31 UTC 2015

On Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:25:27, Ian Smith wrote:
 > Happy 2015 all,
 > I posted the following - perhaps inappropriately, given no response - to 
 > freebsd-acpi@ on Thursday night:
 > =======
 > Argh.  After spending 10 minutes formatting a response to juris' message
 > on bugzilla - yes, logged in - I couldn't find any sort of 'submit'
 > button anywhere to actually post my message?
 > So I went to mark and copy my response and somehow lost the contents in
 > the process.  Subsequent attempts to even get back to the bug were met
 > with "Data Transfer Interrupted The connection to bugs.freebsd.org has
 > terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred." after
 > first warning of transferring to a non-encrypted page.  I'd also added
 > myself as a cc but again there seemed no way to submit any of it.
 > Might my old Seamonkey lack some javascript thingy bugzilla needs?  I'll
 > try again later, but can someone whack me with a clue please?
 > Confused, Ian
 > =======

There were two conflated issues here; indeed bugzilla was in trouble and 
I'd been trying to work through the early stages of that.  It's back now 
less some recent updates, so that's ok.  Thanks to hard-working admins.

However the other issue of not being able to find any 'submit' button on 
my older browser after entering text persisted today, so I thought I'd 
try switching to 'no style' in its View menu, to see that an additional 
'FreeBSD' style had appeared, which was news to me.  Once I selected 
'Classic' (ie usual) style, good ol' blue boxes with white text appeared 
in various places on the page, 'Search', 'Save Changes' etc.

I'd rather not subscribe to freebsd-www to post one message, so perhaps 
Warren or others who are across website issues might pass this along?

With the 'FreeBSD' style a box that is _very_ slightly noticeable - once 
you know it's there - in very light grey with no discernable variation 
that would indicate the presence of any text, is all that shows on mine.  
Sure it's an old browser, but this to me is a totally unfamiliar issue.

cheers, Ian (please cc me on any response)

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