emulate a Xorg configuration of GNU/Linux (Fedora 21) on FreeBSD

Xavier Freebsd Questio xavierfreebsdquestio at aim.com
Sun Jan 4 14:32:50 UTC 2015

I have a laptop with an Intel graphics card, but in FreeBSD, I can't 
get the image in the VGA external output port.

I have tried or tested with the same laptop with a GNU/Linux, in this 
case a Fedora 21, that by default shows the image through the VGA 
external output connector.

Attached a Xorg log of the GNU/Linux to check what uses the GNU/Linux, 
to get it, I do not know if that requires any specific part of the same 
GNU/Linux outside of Xorg.


Taking it into consideration, Xorg, as well as for GNU/Linux as to 
For all I know, is the same that the GNU/Linux shows the image from the 
external VGA, theoretically the setting could be reproduce in FreeBSD.

Do you have any idea about this topic? Any comments?


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