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El día Friday, February 27, 2015 a las 01:06:09PM -0800, Perry Hutchison escribió:

> > To read and write I'm using mutt as MUA. mutt can fetch with IMAP(S) and
> > send with SMTP+SSL; but this (sending directly) is not what I want, I
> > want to queue up the outbound mails and send them at once (see above for
> > the reason); so, sendmail is the natural option; 
> Indeed, but that does not necessarily mean that you need a sendmail
> *daemon*.  I haven't used mutt, but I have the impression that it is
> capable of invoking sendmail directly (via fork/exec, passing the
> message on stdin) rather than having to keep a daemon running all
> the time to accept the occasional SMTP connection on
> In fact, depending on how you have it configured, mutt may
> *currently* be running a sendmail process (via fork/exec) for each
> message you send, rather than using the local sendmail daemon.

mutt uses sendmail (i.e. pipes the mail to something like 'sendmail -t -f ....)
which queues the mail for further delivery; and this is what I want:
queue all the answered mails until I open the Wifi uplink and all
answers are going out at once. I think, this is only possible with a
configured sendmail daemon and queue runner.


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