No such file or directory

Brandon Schneider brandon.schneider at
Wed Feb 25 14:47:46 UTC 2015

Do you have a /usr/src directory? AFAIK freebsd-update spits that error 
out when it can't find the directory in question. it can create files 
but not directories. So if you don't have a /usr/src that error would 
happen as it cannot create /usr/src/crypto/openssl/util

On 2/25/2015 8:41 AM, Laszlo Danielisz via freebsd-questions wrote:
> On FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p5 I met the following issue:
> # freebsd-update fetch# freebsd-update installInstalling updates...install: ///usr/src/crypto/openssl/util/ No such file or directory done.
> A workaround is creating the missing directories:mkdir -p /usr/src/crypto/openssl/util/
> If you have a better solution please let us now.A bug has been submitted already:
> Best,Laszlo
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