bsdtar and ACLs

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Thu Feb 19 20:31:32 UTC 2015

On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 cpet <cpet at> wrote:

>  -p, --insecure, --preserve-permissions
> 	     (x	mode only) Preserve file permissions.  Attempt to restore the
> 	     full permissions, including owner,	file modes, file flags and
> 	     ACLs, if available, for each item extracted from the archive.
> 	     This is the default, if tar is being run by root and can be over-
> 	     ridden by also specifying --no-same-owner and
> 	     --no-same-permissions.

As I *was* running tar as root, I assumed that -p is default. Adding  
it explicitly to the command line did not change the situation.

Toomas Aas

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