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Thu Feb 19 12:15:31 UTC 2015

On Wed, 18 Feb 2015 20:37:03 +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> RFIDs can't directly control our minds, but it's too funny, a RFID
> could be everywhere in our closes, soles etc. and we wouldn't notice
> it.

Unless we use proper testing equipment and a microwave oven. :-)

> I'm one of those who don't need a mobile. I simply mean it word
> by word, "I don't need it" and that's the reason that I don't carry a
> mobile wherever I am. However, I'm aware that in my pocket are several
> cards with RFID, so theoretically it's possible to follow ever step I
> make in the same way, as it is possible to spy people who carry a
> handy 24/7.

Because it is possible, it HAS BEEN DONE. Allow me to provide
you with one example (not new):



But it's not that RFID is "evil" per se, or useless. As someone
said, it's a tool, and a tool does what its master (in whose hands
it becomes "alive") decides:


Like this:


It's not even funny anymore.

> Indirectly this information could be used to have
> impact to everybody, you and me.

Consider side effects, not just with RFID, but with almost
every other technology. You don't carry a smartphone. But
the guy next to you does, and it's a bug which is now in
his pocket while you sit at the conference table and discuss
a confidential deal. Maybe you have an old phone with no
camera. But the woman across the street has, and while she
takes a photo of a nearby fountain, your face + her location
are being uploaded to the cloud for further processing.

You cannot be "safe" (whatever you want to understand by
that word). By NO means. No matter what you do, it's impossible

> The most dangerous isn't collecting data, aren't RFIDs etc., the most
> dangerous is that in school they still teach by the left brain/verbal
> approach, while we are living in a medial/right brain/visually world.

Except maybe the visually challenged people (vision impaired
or blind)...

> Less people are educated to handle multimedia in a reflective way.

People are educated to _not_ reflect about anything.

> Western education just teaches how to use multimedia software, not to
> think about the consequences.

Use in order to consume, in the first place. Every creational act
is left to "artists", but luckily, modern computers and the Internet
enable more people to be creative and share their works, so there
is hope for a better understanding (as long, of course, as those
creations don't drown in the sea of irrelevance).

> I don't fear Trojans and similar, I fear unenlightened societies.

Try to ignore and forget them, or they'll scare you to death. ;-)

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