newcons and system bell?

Nicholas Fleisher nfleisher at
Tue Feb 17 03:22:08 UTC 2015

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Henrik Hudson <lists at> wrote:
> HP laptop (intel video and X11) running 10.1-REL-p5 and I can't get
> the system bell to stop beeping both in X and on the console.
> I'm running newcons for the DRM and X11 compatibility.
> I've tried editing /etc/rc.conf:
> keybell="off"
> I've tried:
> kbdcontrol -b
> kbdcontrol -b off
> neither of which work. Any thoughts? Any ideas for tracking it down?

Try the following in your .xinitrc to stop the beep in X:
xset b off

my understanding is that disabling the console beep is implemented for
vt/newcons in the stable and/or current branches but not in any
release, but will be in 11 when it's released. Others can
confirm/disconfirm. I'm in the same position you are in: using vt
since I need it for my graphics card (Sandy Bridge). And it's great!
Except for the beeps...

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