Can't login as a root via SSH!

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Mon Feb 2 05:04:13 UTC 2015

Shane Ambler <FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz> writes:

> On 02/02/2015 14:13, jd1008 wrote:
>> On 02/01/2015 08:21 PM, williamyun7 wrote:
>>> which file should i look up?
>>> this is /etc/defaults/rc.conf
>>> i can't find any with root login via ssh from here.
>> in /etc/ssh/sshd-config
>> what do you see for root???
> Just curious with root ssh access, what I have been using is to create
> /root/.ssh/config and enter
> IdentityFile /home/<USER>/.ssh/id_rsa
> then as root using `ssh <USER>@<HOSTNAME>`

That is something else and this way is not really a problem.

The thread, I understand, is talking about 'ssh root at'

That is connecting from some user to root user.



> Well technically it's cron doing rsync to trigger the ssh connection,
> but this causes root to initiate ssh using my user account keys.
> Is this method considered OK or is it a security issue?


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