The magic of UFS, ZFS and NFS

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Sun Feb 1 23:58:16 UTC 2015

Hi Chris,

> I am trying hard as hell to get a share on my file server (obelix) to my 
> workstation. I have not had any real luck yet.
> The situation:
> I have a directory /usr/archive/ under which my files are to be stored. The 
> directory itselt is mounted under /. There are two ZFS mountpoints under this:
> /usr/archive/work
> /usr/archive/private
> I exported it as so:
> V4: /usr/archive/         -alldirs -network 192.168.100/24
> The mount works fine and I can see all files under /usr/archive/ including the 
> two directories. I can access all files. Both directories are empty though.
> Well, those two directories are seperate filesystems, so they require their own 
> mountpoint. So I gave them one: Same line as above just with 
> /usr/archive/private.
> Now when I try to mount the share, I get this:
> [tcp] obelix:/usr/archive/private: Permission denied
> /var/log/messages on obelix says this:
> obelix mountd[50070]: mount request denied from for
>   /usr/archive/private
> This seems to be some quirk concerning the access permissions. I just can't 
> figure out what. Can someone give me a push in the right direction, please?

I don't know anything about the file systems themselves, but I had to put
the following in rc.conf to allow mounting USB devices by a non-priviledged


I have no idea whether the same applies to the mounts you're talking about
or not, but might be worth a try.


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