cron_flags="-m not working

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Mon Aug 31 11:30:06 UTC 2015

The host has a user account called bob. I want all cron email to go to 
bob and not root.
I use postfix and sendmail is disabled.

man cron says

-m mailto
Overrides the default recipient for cron mail. Each crontab(5)
without MAILTO explicitly set will send mail to the mailto mail‐
box. Sending mail will be disabled by default if mailto set to a
null string, usually specified in a shell as '' or "".

I interpret that to mean I add cron_flags="-m option to /etc/rc.conf 
like this:

cron_flags="-m bob at"

and reboot the host.

I tried cron_flags="-m bob"
cron_flags="-m 'bob'"
cron_flags="-m bob at"
cron_flags="-m 'bob at'"

In all cases the daily cron email still went to root.

Any ideas why it did not work and no errors were generated?

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